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Get your ideas flowing

This big white surface has: A lot of space for your visions and your creativity, for brainstorming in a team   and for  capturing  your ideas.
Infinitely extensible, randomly combinable, easily movable: These are Moving Walls: the perfect tool for workshops, presentations or live-scribing.
Whatever your story, whatever you create – with Moving Walls you can give your ideas life.

Moving Walls Ltd. is a Swiss company with its headquarters in Lucerne and a global network of partners and distributors.
Materials, processing, handling and the whole idea: Our products bear the hallmarks of Swiss quality, cleverness and simplicity: And that’s what our worldwide customers appreciate

Moving Walls

A huge canvas – wherever you want it to be, easy to write on and equally easy to clean. The Moving Walls are equipped with wheels, making them flexible, combinable, and easy to move from one room to another.
They can be connected in a straight line , in a curve or in a “serpentine line”: Whichever way you join them, there is unlimited space for your plans and ideas.

What distinguishes Moving Walls
  • High functionality
  • Classy Design
  • Simple set-up
  • Swiss quality
  • Combinable
  • Worldwide delivery
Curved or linear modular system

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Moving Walls out in the wild


We want to inspire you and show you different possibilites. We want to share our experiences with you. On our Blog you can have a look behind the scenes of Moving Walls and find some exciting and diverse information about collaboration. Click here to get to the blog.

Swiss Post Specifies Moving Walls in Headquarter in Bern

September 12, 2017
At the headquarters of the Swiss Post in Bern future-oriented working concepts are key. The company’s innovation lab, EspaceLab, has just been equipped with the mobile, writeable walls by Moving Walls. Since April 2017, the multifunctional tools support the project teams in idea and solution processes and fuel an interdisciplinary collaborative work environment.

Fraunhofer-Institut capitalizes on Moving Walls in two locations

July 19, 2017
The Fraunhofer-corporation, Europe’s leading application oriented research organisation, makes use of the Moving Walls at two of their research establishments.

3 Days of Design in Copenhagen

June 1, 2017
The aspiring, young Swiss brand Moving Walls Ltd is represented at this year’s 3 Days of Design, from 1 – 3 June 2017 in Copenhagen.

A New Generation of Magnetic Whiteboards Gives Ideas Life

November 3, 2016
Last weekend, the who’s who of Switzerland’s designer scene gathered in Langenthal, near Bern, for Designers’ Saturday – the industry’s largest event. Swiss-based family-run company Moving Walls Ltd, along with designer Jörg Boner, took the opportunity to set the stage for their brand-new Moving Walls – a new generation of magnetic whiteboards, designed to encourage collaboration and creativity in modern working environments.

One The Move – How offices are changing

June 2, 2016
The way in which we work together within an office environment is changing; as a result the offices of the future are re-shaping and transforming. Work spaces should...

Introducing #whiteboardninja Suki Bamboo

May 9, 2016
For the third time we have invited a Whiteboard Ninja to take over the 18m2 IdeaPaint wall at Oberholzer Online Marketing agency in...

Why flip charts are sad creatures. A soft bashing

April 26, 2016
For the most part they stand in the corner of a meeting room with a two week old to-do-list lingering on...

Whiteboard Ceilings and Moving Walls at Effinger Bern

March 31, 2016
Only a short walk from Bern's trainstation, you'll find what appears to be a charming coffee shop on Effingerstrasse. But as you take a glance through the window, you'll see the real depth of this fantastic place.

7 Ted Talks, that shed new light on successful collaboration

March 17, 2016
Ever since soccer camp in 3rd grade, we are all well aware we can only succeed if we act as a team. But when it comes to teaming up at work, somehow the ball just won't get rolling as easily. One major opponent to teamwork is a very common leadership culture that doesn't encourage true sportsmanship and collaboration.

Why Whiteboards are Essential to the Digitally Disrupted Workplace

February 8, 2016
Apparently, no one ever said “Nice whiteboard!”. Unless you enter Under Armour headquarters, where “Have you seen Kevin’s whiteboards?” is one of the first things you’ll hear, before you even get a chance to hang your coat. Under Armor founder and CEO Kevin Plank really likes whiteboards. Whole walls of floor-to-ceiling whiteboards contain curt principles that are part of the incredible success story that is Under Armour.