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This big white surface has: A lot of space for your visions and your creativity, for brainstorming in a team   and for  capturing  your ideas.
Infinitely extensible, randomly combinable, easily movable: These are Moving Walls: the perfect tool for workshops, presentations or live-scribing.
Whatever your story, whatever you create – with Moving Walls you can give your ideas life.

Moving Walls Ltd. is a Swiss company with its headquarters in Lucerne and a global network of partners and distributors.
Materials, processing, handling and the whole idea: Our products bear the hallmarks of Swiss quality, cleverness and simplicity: And that’s what our worldwide customers appreciate


Moving Walls

A huge canvas – wherever you want it to be, easy to write on and equally easy to clean. The Moving Walls are equipped with wheels, making them flexible, combinable, and easy to move from one room to another.
They can be connected in a straight line , in a curve or in a “serpentine line”: Whichever way you join them, there is unlimited space for your plans and ideas.

What distinguishes Moving Walls
  • High functionality
  • Classy Design
  • Simple set-up
  • Swiss quality
  • Combinable
  • Worldwide delivery
Curved or linear modular system

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Our blog

We want to inspire you and show you different possibilites. We want to share our experiences with you. On our Blog you can have a look behind the scenes of Moving Walls and find some exciting and diverse information about collaboration. Click here to get to the blog.

Play first, read manuals second

September 30, 2015
We all love good food! Whether you are a snacky eater or a mega meal muncher, we all crave for a taste sensation and need good food for a healthy body and healthy mind. In addition, food holds the power of bringing people together. Fostering these two aspects, the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia together with the Institute for the Future and the Future Food Institute have jointly created the Food Innovation Program

12 resons why you should have a Moving Wall – #2

June 5, 2015
Why should you get a Moving Wall? There are plenty of good and convincing reasons. Here are the last six: _Sustainability In comparison to a paper flip-chart, a Moving Wall is way more sustainable and it saves you a lot of money over a longer period of time. _Rapid and easy set-up The Moving Walls are easy to set up and break down because you can connect the walls. Hence, you are able to draw and write bigger and to gife your ideas life. _Easy delivery/shipping Compared to other white walls, the Moving Walls are easy to ship and we provide good service after purchase. _Magnetic Because the Moving Walls walls are magnetic, you are able to hang up pictures, notes and other sheets of paper and at the end you can take a pictrue of the wall and keep on working on your own device. _Supporting co-working family businesses By collaborationg with other Swiss businesses we enable them to expand and to generate more jobs in central Switzerland. _Equipment Refillable markers, magnetic pen holders, cleaning towels and cleaning devices are provided by Moving Walls Ltd.

Which marker is the best to work with?

June 5, 2015
“As a scribe to have the right tools, to have great markers – to have great pens – and a great surface to write on is just evident. My job is listening and I can’t have any external distraction.” – Alicia Bramlett (Art All Along / The Value Web). The writing utensils are the most important hardware for a scribe. We talked to some of the Value Web scribes and asked them about their preferences when it comes to white wall markers. Christoph Kellner, graphic facilitator from Berlin, and Jayce Lee, originally from Taipei, both share the experience that their favourite markers are mostly refillable and also quite hard to get in their home countries. “The Pilot white board markers with their refilling tips, for instance, I can’t get them in my country. Another brand I can recommend is Colpic – they are also refillable and very popular in Asia.” – Jayce Lee (The Value Web) “Copic pens have a super wide range of colors but you can’t use them on foam or white boards. I prefer the Uni POSCAmarkers. They are made in Japan and acryllic. Generally, I prefer markers and pens from other countries. However, it’s all a matter of availability in different countries.” – Christoph Kellner (Animanova / The Value Web) As an artist and as a scribe for the Value Web Alicia Bramlett is used to buying new pens and checking out new brands of markers. She too likes acryllic refillable writing utensils: “Right now I’m in love with acryllic markers – paint markers. I do a lot of scribing on foam boards, paper or hard boards, so the paint markers which you can refill are the best because they last a long time. They can get a bit messy but I don’t mind.” – Alicia Bramlett For the Moving Walls we recommend the “Dry Erase Marker” which are provided and can be purchased at Moving Walls Ltd. Those markers are certified non-toxic and arealso refillable, which makes them an ecosensitive choice. There are five colors available: red, organge, green, blue and black. For further information please contact us via e-mail at info@moving-walls.com or at + 41 41 588 80 45

Why you’d better leave those habits behind

June 5, 2015
Sometimes it’s not that easy to leave certain habits behind. However, when thinking critical you often are able to change them in a first step or even drop them off entirely. At this point we would like to give you some advice. Here we explain why you better leave certain habits behind in order to make your next workshop the best you have ever had: _Try not to force or push the natural flow of a workshop Why: Quiet sequences are important in order to reflect _Avoid prejudices against a topic Why: It helps the creative process to be open minded and free from prejudices. By being open you can develop new approaches. _A workshop should never be too serious and it should contain some entertaining elements. Why: Entertaining, funny and loosening elements help the participants to have easier access to hard topics. _Do not expel your collaboration team. You need to involve every participant in a decision process. Why: By being included each and every participant feels ownership and thus will care right from the beginning until the very end. Further advice: _A scribe should never be situated where he/she cannot be seen clearly. Why: When you are able to focus on the scribe, you automatically have better access to her/him – and this way the participants feel involved. _Never place a scribe in a place where the energy cannot flow and equip him/her with enough material of good quality. Why: A scribe should not be responsible for his hardware, such as tools, because he/she needs to have a free mind to think clearly. That’s one of his/her core competences. “As a scribe I need the right tools, to have great markers, to have great pens, a great surface to write on, because my job is listening and i can’t have any distration because my pen isn’t working or the surfaces falling off or sliding around. Having a strong environment and the right tools in my hand which sets my mind free to listen.” – Alicia Bramlett (Art All Along / The Value Web) _Never place the collaboration team cooped up or near technology or catering. Why: Little or a small room with disturbing elements and/or technology prevents an ideal energy flow within the collaboration team and its processes. “I think the space plays a really important role. It needs to be a space that is open enough and invites you to collaborate because there is space. there’s physical space but also a kind of mental space.” – Svenja Rüger (The Value Web)  

New Corperate Identity

June 23, 2015
Moving Walls has one simple aim – to design an intuitive, mobile work tool with a large frameless canvas.   Over the past few years MW has became a service provider and supplier of tools that can enhance collaboration. The increase in demand for this collaborative tool has meant we have now 6 Moving Walls rental partners around the globe. MW will soon be launching its next phase and we are proud to present to you the new look from Moving Walls. Slight colour changes and a more subtle layout give the logo a fresh and compelling look, thanks to the housatonic crew who have co-designed our fantastic new identity. Within the next weeks we will reveal more from this exciting collaboration. We also have a large range of new images that show the Moving Walls in various environments and surroundings taken by Raffaele Mariotti.  We are looking forward to expanding our work with http://www.raffaelemariotti.com, so please check out his great new shots of the Moving Walls in action.