Get your ideas flowing

This big white surface has: A lot of space for your visions and your creativity, for brainstorming in a team   and for  capturing  your ideas.
Infinitely extensible, randomly combinable, easily movable: These are Moving Walls: the perfect tool for workshops, presentations or live-scribing.
Whatever your story, whatever you create – with Moving Walls you can give your ideas life.

Moving Walls Ltd. is a Swiss company with its headquarters in Lucerne and a global network of partners and distributors.
Materials, processing, handling and the whole idea: Our products bear the hallmarks of Swiss quality, cleverness and simplicity: And that’s what our worldwide customers appreciate


Moving Walls

A huge canvas – wherever you want it to be, easy to write on and equally easy to clean. The Moving Walls are equipped with wheels, making them flexible, combinable, and easy to move from one room to another.
They can be connected in a straight line , in a curve or in a “serpentine line”: Whichever way you join them, there is unlimited space for your plans and ideas.

What distinguishes Moving Walls
  • High functionality
  • Classy Design
  • Simple set-up
  • Swiss quality
  • Combinable
  • Worldwide delivery
Curved or linear modular system

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We want to inspire you and show you different possibilites. We want to share our experiences with you. On our Blog you can have a look behind the scenes of Moving Walls and find some exciting and diverse information about collaboration. Click here to get to the blog.

Job offer: Sales Manager Europe

June 5, 2015
GIVE IDEAS LIFE Our business isn’t simply a furniture business. We are dedicated to changing the way how people collaborate, ideate and take action. We believe that our products help people to give their ideas life and do more. Moving Walls, based in Lucerne, has developed a mobile whiteboard over the last 6 years, which is used worldwide by leading process & graphic facilitators. During this time, we have built a team of partners in Europe, North America and Asia, renting out the Moving Walls in their respective countries. We are a network of people who believe in the vision of Moving Walls. We are a passionate and authentic service provider with its roots in Switzerland, where we design and manufacture our products. We put a lot of importance on building close relationships with our customers as we sell all our products directly to them. To meet the ever increasing demand, we are looking for a Sales Manager to assist our team in Lucerne, Switzerland. You are responsible for the development of our key markets in Switzerland and Europe and beyond. Together with our team you tend existing customer contacts and build our strategic customer base in the other markets.   You have experience in opening new markets and implementation of marketing strategies. You have excellent knowledge of the English and German language written & spoken. Another foreign language, such as French, is an advantage. You have a good affinity for people and you love to work with people from different countries and cultures. You’ve proven the ability to maintain and develop lasting customer relationships. You are willing to learn and improve yourself continuously. You are someone who solves problems proactively. Our story inspires you. You are authentic, independent, sincere and honest. You are ready to travel about half of your working time in Switzerland and internationally. All this will give you the opportunity to work in a rapidly growing company. If you are interested in this diverse and challenging task, then send your CV to Marcel Frick (marcel.frick@moving-walls.com) Marcel Frick, marcel.frick@moving-walls.com

12 reasons why you should have a Moving Wall – #1

June 5, 2015
Why should you get a Moving Wall? There are plenty of good and convincing reasons. Here are the first six: _Moving Walls are multifunctional The Moving Walls are designed with the ability to go straight AND curb. You don’t need any extra tools – you can change the direction of the walls within a few seconds by hand. It’s rotating, so you can draw both front- and backsite. Also the usability works in different environments. _Moving Walls have a fantastic design A Moving Wall makes you and your office look professional and you can split one room into two. If you are interested, go and have a read about our designer Jörg Boner. _The quality of the surface is just great The newer generations of the walls’ sufaces won’t leave any shadows because of their powder coating. So it makes them really easy to clean. _Mobility and easy set-up The Moving Walls are well known for an easy set-up, and their wheels make them super handy for mobile sessions. _Moving Walls are dynamic, yet very robust Moving Walls walls make a big difference for the space: they aren’t static – you can move the walls around because of their wheels. Although they are dynamic they still hold the energy of the room. _Moving Walls have a frameless canvas Because the walls haven’t got a frame you are able to draw bigger and “Give Ideas Life”.


June 5, 2015
Switzerland is known for its top quality products and services. Right from the beginning Moving Walls has been relying on some of the best manufacturers in the country to develop and produce its products. Together we have built up relationships, which are based on flexibility, consistency and high quality standards. The past couple of years have been challenging for Switzerland’s export industry – and the recent surge in the value the Swiss Franc has further increased the prices of our products in foreign currency. Moving Walls has therefore decided to lower its sales prices for the WorkWall, its accessories and the rental price of the WorkWalls with immediate effect. Feel free to get in touch with us for further information. Write us an E-mail at info@moving-walls.com or call us at +41 41 558 80 45. Your Moving Walls Team

How will technology influence collaborative sessions?

June 5, 2015
As a possible answer to this question, we believe that there will be more of a mixture between on- and offline communication. Online will happen in order to reach people and communities virtually, to structure information and content and to connect with people. Nevertheless, face-to-face connections will become more and more important as well. Natural human connections are of great value because of the energy flow and dynamics which are needed to be creative- and to share ideas and drawings with each other. “We will go deep. The trend will be BIG DATA. But I heard once that DEEP DATA is crucial as well.” – Jayce Lee (The Value Web). “I constantly ask myself how we can bring more technology into collaborative sessions, like via skype or multiple dimensions. It’s difficult. The human aspect is one of the main things about a session, how people interact. It’s difficult to replace. The current collaboration still goes face-to-face.” – Stuart Samuels (The Value Web). Undoubtedly, more technology will flow into collaborative sessions. Technology will give you more possibilities and flexibility to reach your communities. Or the ability to have quick access to share content on twitter or onCamScanner, where you can take a white wall and within 3 clicks clean it and upload your ideas onto your e-mail or box.com. The tool Metamaps, for instance, gives you the possibility to structure and visualise online during a session. “Virtual collaboration has big potential. One output created in one country gets shipped into another time zone and is worked at over-night. Another group then will be informed next morning. I think the whole 3D-printing part plays a huge role.” – Svenja Rueger (The Value Web). “It will change a lot. One of the value web principals just invented a game which analyses and colltects information in order to take more out of collaborative sessions and put some matrix around.” – Jodi Engelberg (The Value Web). We already introduced the app CamScanner to you earlier on. Read about it here Metamaps: This tool has the magic to structure absolutely everything. With MetaMaps you can lay out complex ideas, systems, and scenarios. Read more about it in our blogpost. Google-Hangouts (which we will introduce to you on our blog), Google-Docs or Dropbox are all basic tools for sharing content. And for more rapid and easy organisation and networking management we suggest Podio.