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Faites bouger vos idées

Cette grande surface blanche, c’est beaucoup de place pour vos visions et votre créativité, pour un brainstorming commun, pour des idées lumineuses. Evolutifs à l’infini, combinables à volonté et déplaçables sans problème: tels sont les Moving Walls, l’outil parfait pour les ateliers, les présentations et le live scribing. Peu importe ce que vous racontez, ce que vous créez, avec les Moving Walls, vous mettez de la vie dans vos idées.

Moving Walls Ltd. est une entreprise suisse dont le siège est sis à Lucerne et qui dispose d’un réseau international de partenaires et de distributeurs.
Matériaux, transformation, manipulation, idée: nos produits portent la marque de la qualité suisse, de l’ingéniosité et de la simplicité. Des caractéristiques que nos clients du monde entier apprécient.


Moving Walls

De grandes surfaces à installer où vous le souhaitez, aussi faciles à couvrir de texte qu’à nettoyer. Les Moving Walls sont montés sur roulettes et peuvent donc sans le moindre problème être déplacés, recombinés et tirés d’une pièce à l’autre. Vous pouvez les juxtaposer selon le tracé qui vous convient, droit, courbe ou sinueux afin de bénéficier d’une place illimitée pour vos projets et idées.

What distinguishes Moving Walls
  • Fonctionnalité élevée
  • Design stylé
  • Simplicité d’installation
  • Qualité suisse
  • Possibilités de combinaison illimitées
  • Livraison dans le monde entier
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Nous souhaitons vous inspirer, vous présenter de nouvelles possibilités – et échanger des expériences avec vous. Notre blog vous offre également un aperçu des coulisses de Moving Walls et du monde varié et fascinant des méthodes de travail collaboratives.

Whiteboard Ninjas on Tour

janvier 24, 2016
When friends invite you over, what do you bring along? Whiteboard Ninjas, of course! Last week, we were invited by our friends at Well-e and IdeaPaint to join their booth at Vakbeurs Facilitair 2016 in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands. With smartboards, IdeaPaint walls and Moving Walls there was quite some white canvas to play around with.

Introducing Whiteboard Ninja Andreas Kiener

décembre 12, 2015
Every month, we invite a true whiteboard ninja to take over a 18m2 IdeaPaint wall at Oberholzer Online Marketing GmbH in Lucerne, Switzerland. This month we were happy to welcome cartoonist and illustrator Andreas Kiener

Introducing #whiteboardninja Rips1

novembre 12, 2015
Every month, we invite a true whiteboard ninja to take over a 18m2 IdeaPaint wall at Oberholzer Online Marketing GmbH in Lucerne, Switzerland. Linus von Moos aka Rips1 kicked off the series, drawing up a hunting scene with nothing but two dry erase markers.

Collaboration is all about creating results

octobre 18, 2015
During last week’s Danish Maritime Days, we got a chance to discuss collaboration with Andor Gregorics, co-founder of Minds On, a Norwegian company specializing in collaborative processes. At the Danish Maritime Forum Andor has been supporting global shipping industry leaders in their collaborative goals towards tackling some of the industry’s most urgent challenges.

Play first, read manuals second

septembre 30, 2015
We all love good food! Whether you are a snacky eater or a mega meal muncher, we all crave for a taste sensation and need good food for a healthy body and healthy mind. In addition, food holds the power of bringing people together. Fostering these two aspects, the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia together with the Institute for the Future and the Future Food Institute have jointly created the Food Innovation Program

Hi I’m Sarah

août 17, 2015
With Moving-Walls there are no boundaries, they can help you to give your ideas life! They’re like me, I don’t like boundaries, that’s why I push myself forward to move on. After trying various different roles within the sports industry, I discovered my passion for marketing and sales. So I enrolled at the Economic and Manager School in Berne to study advanced marketing and sales techniques. In the summer time I love to ride my bike, spend time on the water stand up paddling, or I go to the mountains for a wonderful hike. I also love winter sports like skiing and airboarding. The vision and spirit of Moving Walls inspired me from the very first moment I discovered them. I am keen to hit the ground running as the new sales manger for Moving Walls and Idea Paint in Switzerland. I look forward to catching up with you in the near future to get your ideas flowing.

Partner talk: Raffaele Mariotti

juillet 31, 2015
Raffa: you took the new corporate photos of our Moving Walls. What was the idea behind them? The main idea is pretty simple – the images are made of two elements: the product and the environment. The goal was to emphasize the bond between Switzerland and the Moving Walls brand, in order to highlight important concepts to the end user: Swiss design, Swiss production, and Swiss precision. You always talk about “Hero Photos”. What does that mean? It’s a term used in design and photography when the subject plays a prominent role in the framing. Generally it’s placed in front and center of the space, and it’s the very first thing that you notice – it has impact. In the Moving Walls photos, this role applies to the workwalls, as you can see in the photos with the big white walls as the main subject of the frame. What are the challenges today as a photographer with all the new media? I guess you either have to adapt, or you just become very specialized in what you do. I have a design-driven background, having studied as a graphic designer many years ago. This background helped me a lot in my work as a photographer and video designer, especially when you have to adapt to the flow and requirements of new work. . In order to shoot our new corporate video, you spent a few days here in Switzerland. How was the journey? I had the chance to see Luzern and its surroundings during winter and springtime, it’s a beautiful city and I just love the lake. Switzerland offers some amazing locations and scenery when it comes to shooting photos and video. I really liked the strong contrast between huge mountains and the areas around the lake, or the countryside. Get your ideas flowing from Moving Walls Ltd on Vimeo. Learn how to set up and break down the walls, listen to our team members, designer and partners, get inspired by how a Moving Wall makes you and your office look professional and get to know more about collaboration – all in our videos. Have fun! Visit our Website www.moving-walls.com It took a long time until you were happy with your work. What was the challenge with the video? The corporate video has different inputs from manufacturers, designers and facilitators, so squeezing everything into 5 minutes was a challenging task. We had so many inputs and good points during the interviews that I had to cut just the most important ones. And I wanted to make sure to “keep the flow” during the editing so that the finished video could be rich and full of inspiration. What are your thoughts about Moving Walls and IdeaPaint? Would you use it and if yes, how? I believe that these products are amazing. They started with just a simple idea that was rock-solid at the same time – then you add some clever industrial design, some great Swiss manufacturing, and you end up with

Stay flexible!

juillet 6, 2015
There is no universal office layout that works for everyone. There should be different spaces of different sizes to work with in the office, including not always working in the office. However, wlong with “we space” people need “me spaces” to get work done. Effective collaboration requires time for individual as well as group thinking. And an ideal environment needs space for both, basically a range of settings in which to work alongside each other and individually. Along with different physical settings, variance in seating and sources of light are helpful, too. Flexibility doesn’t stop inside the office A recent study on the trend of at-home and off-site working has shown that approx. 29% of people will work remotely in 2020. Work where, and with whom you will be most useful each day! That is the clou. Organisazations that put emphasis on WHAT gets done, rather than WHERE it is done, will find that their employees will be more productive, happier and even more creative. We need to move away from thinking of our desk as a tree with roots.   Here you can find the whole article. Read more interesting eBooks on IdeaPaint.com  

Collaboration with IdeaPaint

juin 23, 2015
We are really excited to announce our collaboration with IdeaPaint. We are now the official distributor for IdeaPaint in Switzerland. This partnership feels like a natural extension of the Moving Walls. It is a great opportunity to expand our market reach and it`ll help us to be recognized as great partner when I comes to tools for collaboration. For any kind of business workplace, creative workplace, meeting room, events or education we can now literally change any surface in a writeable canvas. We will help you to change your space to give your ideas life. Both companies have a strong belief that the world needs simple low tech work tools. Stay tuned to see how IdeaPaint will help you to bring your ideas off the wall into your hands and check out IdeaPaint’s new website, which is coming soon.

New Website

juin 23, 2015
The website has been completely revamped. We have a large selection of new images and a new video that give a fresh taste of Moving Walls. The website is simply structured with a user-friendly way to guide you through the site that will help you to find the topic you are looking for. The following video gives you great overview how the Moving Walls are designed and manufactured. Get your ideas flowing from Moving Walls Ltd on Vimeo. The site is now readable in 4 different languages. In addition to English we offer Switzerland`s 3 main spoken languages –  German, French and Italian. We hereby invite you to check-out the new website ! We hope you get inspired by it’s new look and we look forward to receiving your comments and feedback.