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Whiteboard Ninjas on Tour

Moving Walls, IdeaPaint and Well-e at Vakbeurs Facilitair 2016
By Marcel Frick 1 année agoNo Comments
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When friends invite you over, what do you bring along? In our case, Whiteboard Ninjas, of course! Last week, we were invited by our friends at Well-e and IdeaPaint to join their booth at Vakbeurs Facilitair 2016 in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands. With smartboards, IdeaPaint walls and Moving Walls there was quite some whiteboard canvas to play around with.

So we took Lucerne based cartoonists Andreas Kiener (right) aka. Whiteboard Ninja #2 and Luca Bartulovic (left) aka. Wolverink on the road. During the three-day event, the duo really made the most out of the available surfaces and brought some right masterpieces to life. But have a look yourself:

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 Marcel Frick

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