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A wall full of ideas

IdeaPaint transforms any wall into a surface that can be painted or written on: Your coffee area will become a laboratory for  ideas, your meeting room a creative factory and your reception hall a think tank.

Walls are the perfect canvas  when brainstorming for ideas.  You have enough room for big and small letters, circles, lines, clouds, arrows, smileys and scribbles – for all your crazy ideas and visions.

Recommended for

Business workplace

Creative workspace

Meetings & Events


What for?

IdeaPaint is suited to all rooms where you want to work creatively and collaboratively. Whatever you write, draw or sketch on the wall, it will stay there for as long as you want to inspire yourself or as long as you want to keep working on it. Once a project is finished the walls can be wiped clean very easily with a dry cloth. And then you can start again on something new.

Who for?

From start ups to established companies – a lot of them rely on IdeaPaint, especially those who place value on a collaborative, creative, open idea sharing environment. Whether you use it in presentation rooms, meeting rooms, class rooms, studios, restaurants or in children’s rooms at home: IdeaPaint is easy to apply either by yourself or by a painter.


The application of IdeaPaint is very simple and user-friendly – you could apply it by yourself, or you could engage a professional painter.

Contact us

Moving Walls Ltd is the official distributor of IdeaPaint in Switzerland.
For Further information and / or inquiries please contact us:


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Moving Walls Support PwC’s Experts to Establish New Working Methods

September 28, 2017
In the new Experience Centre of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in Frankfurt, a large number of Moving Walls are in use since February 2017 by the multidisciplinary team of creatives, experience designers, usability experts and coders. With the Experience Centre, the internationally leading auditing and consulting firm has created an open space for the development of efficient solutions in its head offices in Frankfurt. David Meyer is part of the team of experts who developed the Experience Centre and use the mobile and writeable whiteboards of Moving Walls to establish new and innovative working methods. With the aid of the walls, the full potential of collaborative work is exploited and interdisciplinary teams are brought together.

Swiss Post Specifies Moving Walls in Headquarter in Bern

September 12, 2017
At the headquarters of the Swiss Post in Bern future-oriented working concepts are key. The company’s innovation lab, EspaceLab, has just been equipped with the mobile, writeable walls by Moving Walls. Since April 2017, the multifunctional tools support the project teams in idea and solution processes and fuel an interdisciplinary collaborative work environment.

Fraunhofer-Institut capitalizes on Moving Walls in two locations

July 19, 2017
The Fraunhofer-corporation, Europe’s leading application oriented research organisation, makes use of the Moving Walls at two of their research establishments.

3 Days of Design in Copenhagen

June 1, 2017
The aspiring, young Swiss brand Moving Walls Ltd is represented at this year’s 3 Days of Design, from 1 – 3 June 2017 in Copenhagen.

A New Generation of Magnetic Whiteboards Gives Ideas Life

November 3, 2016
Last weekend, the who’s who of Switzerland’s designer scene gathered in Langenthal, near Bern, for Designers’ Saturday – the industry’s largest event. Swiss-based family-run company Moving Walls Ltd, along with designer Jörg Boner, took the opportunity to set the stage for their brand-new Moving Walls – a new generation of magnetic whiteboards, designed to encourage collaboration and creativity in modern working environments.

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Whiteboard Ceilings and Moving Walls at Effinger Bern

March 31, 2016
Only a short walk from Bern's trainstation, you'll find what appears to be a charming coffee shop on Effingerstrasse. But as you take a glance through the window, you'll see the real depth of this fantastic place.

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Ever since soccer camp in 3rd grade, we are all well aware we can only succeed if we act as a team. But when it comes to teaming up at work, somehow the ball just won't get rolling as easily. One major opponent to teamwork is a very common leadership culture that doesn't encourage true sportsmanship and collaboration.