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Form follows function

At the beginning there was a concrete idea : We wanted to create a tool for collaborative idea development: easy to handle, functional and modular – a handy instrument which stimulates creativity but puts no limits on it.
And there it is: Moving Walls.

A huge canvas – wherever you need it, easy to write on and equally easy to clean. The Moving Walls are equipped with wheels, making them flexibleand easy to move from one room to another. They are also easily cominable, and can be connected in a straight line, in a curve or in a “serpentine line”: Whichever way you join them, there is unlimited space for your plans and ideas.

Key Features

High functionality

Classy design

Swiss quality

Simple set-up


Worldwide delivery

Versatility & Design

Organisers of events worldwide use Moving Walls for their conferences, presentations and workshops. Agencies and companies place great confidence in Moving Walls as a valuable instrument for working creatively and collaboratively .

The Moving Walls,  made in collaboration with Jörg Boner, are the result of modern Swiss product development: sturdy, easily movable on all floor coverings, with a modest and classy design.

Facts and figures

Moving Walls will be your perfect partner for your workplace.
The large, dry erasable and magnetic surface will help you to give your ideas life. Create your work space by adding more Moving Walls and connecting them easily in a straight and round configuration without any tools.


Footprint 115cm x 52cm,
height 198cm


42 kg


Aluminium (frame),
steel sheet powdercoated (surface)


4 square meters


Moving Walls rely on the cooperation of a number of different Swiss family businesses with whom we have developed close working relationships built on trust:

  • Jörg Boner: Design product www.joergboner.ch
  • Schätti metal construction: steel supply www.schaetti-ag.ch
  • Carpentry Oertli: Producer of timber www.schreiner-oertli.ch

Buy, test or rent Moving Walls

You can buy Moving Walls or you can rent them for as long as you need to. Contact our CEO Marcel Frick directly, and he will be pleased to provide you with his professional advice, or he will pass you on to one of our global network of distributors.

Need support for Moving Walls?


We recommend using the following accessories with the Moving Walls to maintain them in the most effective and ecological way. All products are available online.

  • Dry erase markers (PILOT)
  • Magnetic pen cup
  • Cleaning wipes
  • Cleaning spray from IdeaPaint

Gives ideas life