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One The Move – How offices are changing

By Sarah Buser 1 year agoNo Comments
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The way in which we work together within an office environment is changing; as a result the offices of the future are re-shaping and transforming. Work spaces should maximize the potential for individual and collaborative engagement. Investment in the appropriate furnishings, tools and employee mindset trainings is necessary to allow such working environments to thrive. Read on for more thoughts and inputs on the topic.

Space for Ideas

Digital browser tools and/or apps are being used ever more frequently to store important information and ideas. Prevent inputs from disappearing into the digital world and enable direct knowledge exchanges via an Offline alternative. Offline communication platforms encourage direct interaction between team members and a healthy feedback culture.

Communication vs Focus

Offices are designed to accommodate individual work processes, knowledge exchange/team working sessions and the relaxation of employees. Each “space” is characterized by particular furniture, tools and resources.

The Collaborative Zone – Bar tables and stools, interactive surfaces, moveable elements
The Quiet Zone – Armchair and/or sofa with a table, plants

Disturbance Zone – Co-workers interact independently of their job roles and responsibilities in shared relaxation, zones such as the coffee room or kitchen.

Focus Begins With You

Find out what your individual set-up needs to be to allow you to get into the working rhythm. Ask yourself what you need to maximize your concentration: Is it a nice view of the outside world that helps you to get into the working spirit or is the right music more important? Do you need headphones? Do you have the possibility to work in a private space with four walls to shelter you? Do you prefer to work standing up? Test out the options available to you and discover more about your workflow.

Anywhere Anytime

The employees of tomorrow want to be flexible, agile and capable of working in multiple locations. What’s important for the progression of this development is to provide a Cloud based solution which allows for speed, organization and safety improvements to be made.
An example of another trend within this field is #BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Follow the link to the blog for a more detailed discussion.

Flexible and Moving

To ensure flexibility within the office space, much of the contents also need to be mobile. Allowing elements such as writable or magnetic boards to merge or separate creates a dynamic working space which can be transformed as per the business needs. Static non- changing spaces are transformed into ever changing spaces that encourage each to step outside of their comfort zones and quite regularly into a new perspective.

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