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Renting is possible. Worldwide

We value direct contact and personal communication with our customers. Our team can also answer all of your questions about renting the Moving Walls.

Distribution & Shipping

Rent a Moving Wall. Whether you’re in Europe, North America, or in Asia; whether you’re running a large scale summit, a workshop or a presentation; with the help of our large network of distributors around the globe, we can deliver Moving Walls straight to your event – including shipping and the setup and breakdown of the walls.


We support the first setup and breakdown of your Moving Wall – we take care of everything.


Please contact your closest distributor, or contact the headquarters and we can direct you:

Meet the team




How long can I rent a Moving Wall for?

You can rent a Moving Wall for as long as you like but if you’re after a long-term rental, your financial advisor might recommend that you buy a Moving Wall.

Where do I rent my Moving Wall?

You can rent it from your closest distributor: They will advise you, deliver the Moving Walls to you and pick them up again, and show you how to set up and connect the walls.

How do I set up the Moving Wall?

Set up  is really simple and can be done in just ten minutes. All you need is a screwdriver –  in order to open the crate! The Moving Walls don’t need any further tools. If you do need help, a specialist from our worldwide network can come and help.

How do I maintain the Moving Wall?

When handling the Moving Walls, avoid contact with sharp, hard or scratchy objects. Clean the Moving Walls with  a fine cleaning cloth and use lukewarm water without any detergents. If you prefer, you can use our special cleaning products – they remove paint residues easily and without damaging the surface.

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For further questions please get in touch with us:

Phone: +41 41 558 80 45
Mail: info@moving-walls.com