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For other currency accounts please contact us:


Global Headquarters
Waldstätterstrasse 16
6003 Luzern
Phone: +41 41 558 80 45
Mail: info@moving-walls.com


Credit Suisse AG
Bahnhofstrasse 17
6302 Zug

Account number (swiss francs) 67553-17
IBAN CH13 0483 5006 7553 7100 0
Clearing 4835

For further information


Can I buy or rent a Moving Wall?

Both is possible. For enquiries concerning rental please refer to your nearest distributor or directly to the headquarters. If you are  interested in purchasing a Moving Wall, please contact CEO Marcel Frick directly marcel.frick@moving-walls.com

Where can Moving Walls be delivered to?

Within Europe we deliver by truck. Overseas we ship by sea- or air freight.
We deliver new Moving Walls directly from Switzerland.

How is the Moving Wall packed?

The Walls are  packed in big, stury boxes or in  custom-made pallets. Max. 12 Moving Walls can be packed into one crate. Further standard packing volumes are 3 or 6 pieces.


How long can I rent a Moving Wall for?

You can rent a Moving Wall for as long as you like but if you’re after a long-term rental, your financial advisor might recommend that you buy a Moving Wall.

Where do I rent my Moving Wall?

You can rent it from your closest distributor: They will advise you, deliver the Moving Walls to you and pick them up again, and show you how to set up and connect the walls.

How do I set up the Moving Wall?

Set up is really simple and can be done in just ten minutes. All you need is a screwdriver – in order to open the crate! The Moving Walls don’t need any further tools. If you do need help, a specialist from our worldwide network can come and help.

How do I maintain the Moving Wall?

When handling the Moving Walls, avoid contact with sharp, hard or scratchy objects. Clean the Moving Walls with  a fine cleaning cloth and use lukewarm water without any detergents. If you prefer, you can use our special cleaning products – they remove paint residues easily and without damaging the surface.


How difficult is it to apply IdeaPaint?

It is required that IdeaPaint PRO be installed by an experienced or professional painter.

Can You recommend a local installer?

For most regions, yes. Email us to find out more.

When will the IdeaPaint surface be ready for use?

IdeaPaint will be ready to initially write on after 7 days. Both writing and erasing performance will improve as the IdeaPaint surface ages, even after the initial cure period.