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Whiteboard Ceilings and Moving Walls at Effinger Bern

By Marcel Frick 1 year agoNo Comments
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Only a short walk from Bern’s trainstation, you’ll find what appears to be a charming coffee shop on Effingerstrasse. But as you take a glance through the window, you’ll see the real depth of this fantastic place. Combining a cozy coffee shop, a co-working space, a crafting room and a workshop space, Effinger really offers the whole package.

What makes this place even more stunning is the amount of writable surfaces it offers to start-ups, digital nomads and those seeking to bounce ideas with their peers in a neutral environment. You’ll hardly find a wall you can’t write on. Sarah has helped Effinger install over 100 square-meters of IdeaPaint across the venue. The workshop space is equipped with IdeaPaint all around. Even the ceiling has been transformed into a whiteboard. In addition, 5 Moving Walls assist the co-workers wherever they need additional surfaces, presentation areas or room dividers.

Our ninjas Andreas and Luca came to the Effinger opening and added some zest to the walls. Here are a few impressions from Effinger, courtesy of photographer Roland Juker and Effinger Co-Working Space.

Effinger Co-Working Space is part of the Moving Walls Labs network. If you’re in the Bern area and would like to take a look, get in touch with Sarah:

Reach out to Sarah for more information
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