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Why flip charts are sad creatures. A soft bashing

By Sarah Buser 1 year agoNo Comments
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Caution: This blog contains irony and a bit of humour.

For the most part they stand in the corner of a meeting room with a two week old to-do-list lingering on them: Flip charts – neglected and alone. Their moments of limelight existing only in the brief moments that follow the next PowerPoint presentations which require more soon-to-be-forgotten to-do-lists… A sad and sorry existence to say the least.

There are a few reasons for this sad cycle of existence.

Meeting Room Madness

Flip charts are haughty tripping hazards. Whether it’s the three-legged stand or the advanced version with wheels: Each of us has experienced this, ideally during a customer meeting or even the customer himself. Well, at least it ensures the necessary relaxation, right?

Injury Hazard

Ever carried a flip chart from A to B? The common flip chart doesn’t want to leave its habitat. Forcing it to do so, causes it to make itself extra heavy; third legs have been “kicked off”, causing the ripping ofpantyhose and bruised shins. Ouch. An uncomfortable experience for all involved.

The Chronicles of Flipmania

«Can you please flip back to the fifth sheet? And don’t cut yourself!» Either the stories you’re telling disappear in the flip of the chart or the sheets are hung up on a wall side by side, disjointed because successively created. Oh, and where to hang them? Magnetic strip? And where to install that? Never mind, I’ll put it on the desk. Caution, coffee! And do not stumble!!.. Marvelous. It’s a complicated tale – one many would happily avoid.

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Last Sheet Standing

«Do we have flip chart pads left?» Sure, several. Cause the minimum order quantity is 5 pads. The sustainability might measure approximately the same value.

Pretty Petty

Remember math class? That was the time when you captured the big world of numbers on squared paper – thanks to tireless efforts of your eraser.

Before we awaken too many traumatic memories, let’s get back to the flip chart: Squared yes, but no eraser in sight. The format of the sheet seems to have grown with you however your thoughts and ideas have grown even bigger. And the last thing you need now are memories of Mr. Kipper and his chalky fingers. By the way: There is a reason, why boards have prevailed. You can wipe them.

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Moving Walls are more than white boards.

Moving Walls can help you make the work and work places move dynamically.. You can separate areas, while bringing your team members together for brainstorming.

The Moving Wall has a large, dry erasable surface on both sides. For ultimate sustainability you’re using the refillable whiteboard markers by PILOT, avoid printing out minutes by taking a picture of the results with your Smartphone, share them via Bounce App or CamScanner with vcolleagues and partners as a PDF file.

The surface is magnetic soaccompanying documents and pen cups can easily be attached on to the Moving Wall that can walk with you – anywhere you feel like working. Just pull it and all the necessities along.


Flipcharts are limited, limiting and, literally speaking, very one-sided. However Moving Walls enable collaborative dynamic working on a stylish level – guaranteed tripping and injury free.

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