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5 Simple Life Hacks for Your Workplace

Life Hacks that will make your workplace more productive, fun and creative.
By Marcel Frick 2 years agoNo Comments
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Noise, temperature or lighting: It’s all effecting our work for the better or for the worse. So how can we use these factors to strenghten our moral and creativity? We’ve gathered a few tipps.


#1 The Sound of Silence

Strenght lies in peace. Well, does it really? A study conducted by Oxford University claims that a moderate level of noise is best for creative works. Accordingly, smooth background sounds by the likes of Soundrown or classical music are a good fit for work. Phone calls are a different story: Surveys show that one-sided phone calls in the office have a more disturbing effect than conversations, of which both parties can be heard. So next time your phone rings and you know it’s going to be a long call, do your co-workers a favor and seek a quiet corner.

#2 Label it

Lose wires everywhere? Cable spaghetti can become an annoying problem, if you don’t wrap it up. But there’s s a simple solution: Bundle wires that are intended to remain at one place and label lose wires. Japanese Masking Tapes are a cheap and fun labeling opition. Originally launched as masking tape for painting works, these beautiful rice papers can be used and removed withouth a trace wherever you want. Additionally, masking tapes can help in bringing your ideas to life on whiteboards – the variety is big enough.

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#3 Keep it dirty

No matter what your teachers used to say, a clean and tidy desk is no guarantee for productive and creative work. As Einstein put it: “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” By now, studies have proven him right. People with tidy desks often take longer to find what they’re looking for, due to the complexity of their storage system. So trust Einstein, and try leaving everything on your desk for once – except from garbage maybe. 

Messy desk = creative thinking #art #pointillism #drawing #penandink #sequins

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#4 Work together

Collaboration is becoming increasingly more important. Nevertheless many companies still design their work spaces for individuals instead of teams. Correcting this mistake a posteriori is hard but the aim is to reach a high level of flexibility. Mobile furniture that can be easily rolled around on wheels and serve various purposes, are of big help. Just like Moving Walls: The workwalls not only offer a large canvcas for exploring new ideas, but can act as room dividers and creating break-outs for small groups.

#5 Write, erase, replace

Need more space for mapping out your ideas? Ideapaint is a cost-friendly and multi-purpose option. Walls, tables, doors and whatever else you would like to become a writeable surface can be easily transformed into a whiteboard. A magnetic wall coating additionally helps your magnets find a new home on your ideapaint whiteboard.

Want more tipps? Here’s a few bad ones from Tripp & Tyler – copy at your own risk 😉

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