agile office furniture by moving walls set up in a open space or networking zone


We are a specialized provider for agile and flexible office furniture. 

Our furniture collection has been created to improve collaboration and productivity during workshops. 

With products from Moving Walls workspaces can be changed into inspiring and modern collaboration zones. You can transform any normal meeting room into a multifunctional and flexible project room with a creative atmosphere. For many reasons, our tools are used since many years from multidisciplinary teams around the globe for workshops and agile projects. 

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mobile modular magnetic whiteboard on wheels for agile projects


The MOVING WALLS products allow a flexible and dynamic room set up. This opens new possibilities for teams working in agile and in iterative ways.

Agile and mobile white board Moving Wall for design thinking


Teams can combine our office furniture as it suits them. As ours is a flexible office furniture system, our products can be used separately or combined.


What kind of room set-up should companies offer their employees to promote more creative and innovative thinking?

Creativity, innovation and a higher productivity often require a new corporate culture and new forms of organisation. Most people forget, that it’s not just the processes but also the physical environment and the collaboration tools that are a cruscial element for successful change processes. Physical environments must be able to adapt to the collaboration process. This means that the environment must be adaptable to what people need to achieve together. If this requires a team of two people, the environment should allow it; if it requires a team of 100 to work best, the environment should allow that too.

Companies and teams working with Moving Walls products can easily set up inspiring areas for creative work.

Watch our short introductory video and learn how easy it is to set up rooms for teamwork and for generating new ideas with our office furniture.