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Alfredo Häberli selects Moving Walls for the Design Picnic in Copenhagen
By Marcel Frick 3 years ago
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The aspiring, young Swiss brand Moving Walls Ltd is represented at this year’s 3 Days of Design, from 1 – 3 June 2017 in Copenhagen. Following the successful debut in November 2016 at Designers’ Saturday in Langenthal where the brand was awarded gold winner, the presentation in Copenhagen is part of Alfredo Häberli’s conceptualised Design Picnic exhibition for the Swiss Embassy and presents another showcase of Moving Walls at an international design event. Here, Moving Walls showcases in a co-presentation with the company Laufen, the mobile whiteboards designed by Jörg Boner and introduces the whiteboards’ high-end quality and versatile applications.

The Moving Wall

Designed by renowned Swiss designer Jörg Boner, the Moving Wall has been conceptualised as a tool. In contrast to the classic whiteboard, due to its mobility, the magnetic wall allows a new, agile method of cooperative working, idea finding and problem solving in groups. The high-end quality of the surface as well as the product’s intelligent design make Moving Wall an essential tool, which will form a vital part in shaping the discussion about „the office of the future“. With a simple and functional design, the Moving Wall captivates with its reduced elegance and versatile applications.

The specially designed extruded aluminium profile visible on the front side in combination with the opposed trapezoid shape, enables one surprising function of the Moving Wall: the positive connection. Due to the sophisticated design, the tool, conceptualised as an individual element, is absolutely modular and can be stringed together as often as desired in a straight line or as a circular arc – without interrupting the flow of writing with an edge.

An easy assembly facilitates a speedy transport, making the Moving Wall also a great mobile room divider as well as a helpful storage facility. Introduced for the first time at Designers’ Saturday 2016, Moving Wall has since been specified in companies, organisations, agencies and global conferences such as the world economic forum, the Swiss railway and Swiss post.

The Presentation at the 3 Days of Design

For the Design Picnic exhibition at the Swiss Embassy in Copenhagen, Moving Walls has been selected – in cooperation with Laufen and their travelling exhibition on the occassion of their 125th anniversary – to cover the tent area. With a large number of mobile walls, Moving Walls make up the exhibition space as well as form a framework for the installation.

Note to Editors:

Moving Walls Ltd

Moving Walls is a young Swiss company from Luzern. Together with a worldwide network of partners, graphic facilitators and distributors, the brand has set out to change the idea finding and implementation in the workplace. With its Moving Walls and partner products, Moving Walls presents a globally used tool for a lively method of co-working. Founded in 2007, the company now distributes its products worldwide and since 2015 represents IdeaPaintTM in Switzerland.

Moving Walls at the 3 Days of Design

01 – 03 June 2017

Design Picnic

Embassy of Switzerland in Copenhagen, Denmark

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