Moving Walls is a family-run company based in Lucerne, Switzerland. The company was founded by the brothers Marcel and Patrick Frick and is a specialized provider of mobile, writeable office furniture for agile work environments.

Originally designed for the WEF World Economic Forum, today the Swiss company’s high-end products create flexible spaces that allow idea-finding due to collaborative working methods and agile work environments.
Designed by Jörg Boner, the versatile products fuel new innovation processes and an interactive work atmosphere. Since 2007 the company has been distributing its products worldwide.


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“The environment must be able to adapt to the collaboration process.
This means that the environment must be able to adapt to what people need to achieve together. If this requires a team of two people, the environment should allow it; if it requires a team of 100 to work best, the environment should allow it.”

– Patrick Frick, Co-Founder Moving Walls Ltd.

Joerg Boner der Schweizer Designer der flexiblen Bueromoebel Kollektion von Moving Walls


Moving Walls products have been designed and developed in close collaboration with internationally renowned designer Jörg Boner. The straight lines and reduced aesthetics of the designs meet the brand’s demand for multifunctional office furniture.

With Jörg Boner productdesign, the Swiss designer has been running his own design o ce in Zurich since 2001 and teaches at the same time at ECAL Lausanne. Jörg Boner has a wide-ranging product portfolio and designs furniture for renowned companies such as Wogg, Wittmann and Stattmann Neue Moebel, as well as utility items for industrial production and individual pieces. His products are always both functional and pictorial, serving and telling. Time and again, his developments question traditional production methods and visual habits.

Today Jörg Boner is one of the most important Swiss designers of the “middle generation” and was awarded the Grand Prix Design by the Swiss Confederation in 2011 for his continuous contribution to Swiss design and his commitment as a designer and teacher.

“I believe that the horizontal surfaces will become smaller and the vertical surfaces larger.
The horizontal area is the private area, it is something like land ownership. The vertical area, on the other hand, is like a public space. You can form a plenum around it.”

– Jörg Boner, Designer


Moving Walls attaches particular importance to the highest quality in the manufacture of its products and is committed to the “MADE IN SWITZERLAND” label.

All products are designed in Switzerland and almost the whole collection is manufactured in Switzerland. This sustainability and the responsible use of resources are an integral part of the company’s values. That’s why all products are subject to uncompromising quality standards. This includes the use of the best raw materials and a careful processing to guarantee unique durability and longevity.

Multifunktionales Whiteboard fuer flexible Raumgestaltung und agiles Arbeiten


At the heart of the family-run company Moving Walls Ltd. is the ideological approach of architect, facilitator and thinker Matt Taylor and architect Frank Lloyd Wright that the interface of physical environment, organizational practices and tools is critical to solving complex systemic problems.

This approach as a starting point and the conviction that the environment must be able to adapt to specific collaborative requirements led the brothers Marcel and Patrick Frick to found Moving Walls with the vision of creating spaces for collaboration and enabling problem solving in groups. Marcel Frick, a trained carpenter, and Patrick Frick, co-founder of Value Web and facilitator at the World Economic Forum, developed the Moving Wall, a modular tool for improving collaborative work and creating agile and flexible spaces.