Central to the family-run start up company Moving Walls is the ideological approach of the architect, facilitator and thinker Matt Taylor and architect Frank Lloyd Wright that the intersection of physical environments, organisational practices and tool-sets are key to solving complex, systemic problems.

Using this as a starting point as well as the conviction that the surroundings need to be able to adjust to the collaboration requirements, Moving Walls was founded by the brothers Marcel and Patrick Frick with the vision to create spaces for collaboration and to facilitate problem solving in groups. Marcel Frick, trained carpenter and Patrick Frick, co-founder of the Value Web and facilitator at the World Economic Forum, thus commenced to create a modular tool, the Moving Wall, that enabled better collaboration and allowed for spaces that are agile and flexible.

Initially, the Moving Wall was created solely for sessions at the World Economic Forum, where the mobile whiteboard immediately fuelled processes of collaboration to solve complex problems. Together with designer Jörg Boner, Moving Walls today develops high-end collaboration tools that assist in solving highly complex problems and meet the requirements of future-oriented work methods: they are flexible, mobile and structure spaces.

“You want the environment to adapt to the collaboration process. So the environment needs to adapt to what humans need to accomplish together. If I need to be in teams of two, I want the environment to allow for this, if I need to be in teams of 100, the environment should allow that.”

– Patrick Frick, Co-Founder Moving Walls and Value Web