The Moving Walls products have been designed and developed in close cooperation with the internationally renown designer Jörg Boner. The designs’ clear lines and reduced aesthetic correspond with the brand’s demands for the multifunctional office tools.
Since 2001 the Swiss designer runs his studio Jörg Boner productdesign in Zurich whilst also teaching at the ECAL Lausanne. With a broad product portfolio, Jörg Boner designs furniture for established brands such as Wogg, Wittmann and Stattmann Neue Moebel as well as everyday objects for industrial production or as unique pieces. In addition to lighting objects such as for Ewo or Schaetti, Jörg Boner designs exhibition concepts and fair presentations. His products are always at the same time functional and figurative, they serve a purpose yet talk. Time and again his designs question traditional production methods and viewing habits.
Today, Jörg Boner is regarded as one of the most important Swiss designers of the ‚middle generation’ and has been awarded in 2011 with the Grand Prix Design by the Swiss confederation for his continual contribution to Swiss Design and for his commitment as a designer and teacher.

“I am convinced that the horizontal surfaces will become smaller and the vertical larger. The horizontal surface is the private surface; it is something like a landownership. The vertical surface on the other hand, is public. Around it, it is possible to build a plenum.”

– Jörg Boner, industrial designer