When it comes to our tools and services, we understand that the world will in some ways never be the same again. As co-founder, I have built and operated globally distributed organizations since 2003 and have been a pioneer in organizing and conducting work remotely. Therefore, we are no stranger to a world that is now forced to accelerate the transformation of our way of working and make social distancing a design principle to organize daily work.

It might be interesting in this context context for you to know that we created Moving Walls  because of a world going digital. And while tremendous resources were invested into enhancing our capabilities to work virtually, our analog tools in support of physical meetings were under-developed or clumsy at best. We set out to change that about 10 years ago.

Today, every company is now forced to examine the new future of work, which is going to have to overcome among many other things the stigma that working from home carries with it. It will fundamentally question the purpose of an office. However, drawing from my experience of almost 20 years of working remotely, there is no replacement of face-to-face meet ups. And as of today, there is now alternative to build more quickly and more deeply relationships of trust than interacting in person. We are convinced about the accuracy of the statement: partnerships move at the speed of trust. Therefore, the question is not, if we will need a physical office space in the future but when we meet what should that space look like? If there is no digital short-cut to building relationships of trust, what kind of physical environment enables us to connect in a human way that deploys all of our senses and makes us feel alive?

For those of you who are using our tools, you know that they have been designed exactly for that purpose. We believe that more than ever, the challenge will be that when we meet in person, how can we ensure that nothing gets in our way of interacting with each other.

We are among those of you that crave human interaction. In the end, we are social beings. We need one another to be happy. Until we get a chance to be among each other again, we shall serve you from a distance.

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