Fraunhofer-Institut capitalizes on Moving Walls in two locations

By Marcel Frick 3 years ago
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The Fraunhofer-corporation, Europe’s leading application oriented research organisation, makes use of the Moving Walls at two of their research establishments. Since the beginning of the year, a large number of the mobile whiteboards assist researchers in the development of solutions of direct practical value to technical and organizational problems at the institutes in Aachen and Stuttgart.

„The magnetic Moving Wall whiteboards have turned into an indispensable tool for our workshops.“
– Antje Hachmöller, Product Development at the Invention Center in Aachen.

For the implementation of interactive approaches as well as dynamic problem-solving in groups, the Invention Center in Aachen for example, uses the mobile whiteboards in their workshops: „The magnetic Moving Wall whiteboards have turned into an indispensable tool for our workshops.“, states Antje Hachmöller from Product Development of the Invention Center in Aachen.

Image: Design Thinking Workshop at INCworX 2017 | © Niklas Coen

Due to the sophisticated design, the tool, conceptualised as an individual element, is absolutely modular and can be stringed together as often as desired in a straight line or as a circular arc – without interrupting the flow of writing with an edge. „The Moving Walls enable the participants of our workshops a new form of agile and interactive collaboration. They are an optimal tool for our application-oriented working methods and support us in developing, realising and optimizing new ideas and products.“

The Invention Center, located on the campus of RTWH Aachen, offers technology and innovation managers the opportunity to optimize their product and business models. In the creative working environment new ideas, prototypes, business models and valuable opportunities for cooperations arise.

Image: Production of INC  image film 2017 | © Niklas Coen

Ideal tool for collaborative research methods

Organisers of events worldwide use Moving Walls for their conferences, presentations and workshops. Agencies and companies place great confidence in Moving Walls as a valuable instrument for working creatively and collaboratively .


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