At the prestigious Frame Awards 2020, Patrick Frick, our co-founder and Chairman of the Board, hosts a high-intensity workshop that looks further than furniture on wheels and asks how we can make offices that are not just multifunction, but also multifeel. Recognised as pioneers in the field, we have been enlisted by Frame Awards to lead on the question of what is the future of agile working. The Frame Awards take place in Amsterdam on 19 – 20 February 2020. The workshop is part of the ORGATEC x FRAME design challenge for the agile workplace 2.0, also assigning Moving Walls for Frame Magazine’s workshops at the interiors fair in October 2020 in Cologne.

In the workshop on “the agile workplace 2.0”, Patrick works with the idea of interiors not being about the furniture but rather what the furniture enables humans to do. In this context, Patrick argues, agile working can be seen as a movement towards freeing people from the many constraints that we have built into our working environments. The whole purpose of agile working is to make it easier for people to work and co-create together – or help people create solutions to wicked and worthy problems. The basic assumption that stands at the outset of the workshop is that the built environment is stronger than willpower, using a quote from Bucky Fuller. This workshop is part of the agile workspace design challenge and invites participants to imagine the future of working that truly merits the term ‘agile’. Patrick hosts the workshop using the modular and comprehensive Moving Walls system of agile working tools, together with Alfredo Carlo, a recognised graphic recorder. Patrick Frick is the co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Moving Walls. He is also the co-founder of the Value Web and facilitator at the World Economic Forum. Together with Marcel Frick, his brother, they developed the Moving Wall, a modular tool for improving collaborative work and creating agile and flexible spaces.


 Marcel Frick

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Marcel is the CEO of Moving Walls. He writes News and Insights out of the Moving Walls Headquarter in Lucerne, Switzerland. / +41 41 558 80 45