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Moving Walls are an indispensible aid at PostFinance

For more than two years now the employees of PostFinance in Bern have been working with the mobile whiteboards, Moving Walls with undiminished enthusiasm. The mobile and magnetic tools are an indispensable aid during workshops either as room dividers or for explaining and developing complex processes.


Number of Moving Walls: 16 in total // 3 in this department
Location: Bern
Time period: since 2015

Mobile room dividers

The Moving Walls are in use in a huge meeting room at PostFinance, accessible to all employees and a popular place for workshops. Miriam Zingg, project leader in the HR Development and Marketing department, makes versatile use of the Moving Walls in many workshops. Depending on the size of the work group, the room can be enlarged or reduced with the mobile walls. Mobility and flexibility play an important role in her daily work routine, thus does the spatial design. „Primarily, we use the Moving Walls as whiteboards and as mobile room dividers. We do not preserve the written-on Moving Walls for too long, because the room is accessible to everybody at all times. It might happen that after a period of two hours there is already another group waiting, which would like to work with the Moving Walls and reshape the room. We therefore work with photographic protocols to record the results,“ explains Miriam Zingg.

«When I have the option, I do work with the Moving Walls in every single workshop or meeting, in which we have to collaborate.»

– Miriam Zingg, project leader HR Development and Marketing, PostFinance

Developing and displaying complex processes

For the workshops the magnetic Moving Walls have become an indispensable aid und they convince Miriam Zingg particularly through their flexibility during group work. „When I have the option, I do work with the Moving Walls in every single workshop or meeting, in which we have to collaborate. When it is not only about showing PowerPoint slides, but instead to work on a certain solution from scratch.“ Not only for collaboration situations, but also to display complex processes, the generous surface of the Moving Wall is ideal. „Another great feature is the fact that they can be joined seamlessly to one another. At PostFinance we do need the Moving Walls to display processes and application flows. It is extremely convenient that they can be stringed together as often as desired, so we can build a huge wall to display the most complex processes.“

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