Moving Walls Support PwC’s Experts to Establish New Working Methods

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In the new Experience Centre of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in Frankfurt, a large number of Moving Walls are in use since February 2017 by the multidisciplinary team of creatives, experience designers, usability experts and coders. With the Experience Centre, the internationally leading auditing and consulting firm has created an open space for the development of efficient solutions in its head offices in Frankfurt. David Meyer is part of the team of experts who developed the Experience Centre and use the mobile and writeable whiteboards of Moving Walls to establish new and innovative working methods. With the aid of the walls, the full potential of collaborative work is exploited and interdisciplinary teams are brought together.

New paths require new spaces

At PwC, innovative working methods are to be trialed. For this purpose, with the Experience Centre PwC created for the first time in Germany a new space in the head office in Frankfurt. The innovation lab stretches over one floor in Tower 185, on which a select team is working on establishing new and innovative working methods. In the open-plan space, no walls or partitions are allowed, most of the furniture is moveable and changes location on a daily basis. The team of experts realised quickly that an open space and flexibility are key to the development  of creative and innovative methods. A rigid office culture cannot be found here, people work where there happens to be space. It is the team’s goal to create a space, where traditional ways can be overcome and instead collaborative working methods play a vital part. „We wanted to create a space for imperfection, in a company, in which all processes are perfectly coordinated,“ explains David Meyer. „New ideas need to be put to the test, preferably together in a group. And this is exactly what we do here.“

Conventional workflow fades into the background, instead, vivid interdisciplinary exchange takes place.

It feels good to move them around

At workshops, the Experience Centre team supports consultancy projects in finding new approaches and solutions. It is the declared goal to move away from rigid structures and move towards flexible forms of work. Collaborative working in interdisciplinary groups plays an important part here. The mobile whiteboards by Moving Walls support the team in this process.

Starting out with six Moving Walls, PwC has already increased the number to currently 15, where they are in permanent use. Especially for the workshops, the Moving Walls are popular devices as they meet all the requirements of the team around David Meyer as innovative working tools. „Being equipped with wheels we can move them around anywhere, they can be connected easily and they offer helpful storage space for our materials.“ For individual brainstorming as well as for group work, the Moving Wall is designed to develop joint solutions more quickly.

Spontaneity, creativity and innovation should be fully exploited in the Experience Centre and the Moving Walls are the perfect partner for that. „We are greatly impressed by the unique high-end quality. We haven’t so far found a comparable  steadiness and high-end quality surface in any other whiteboard,“ says David Meyer. „Its haptic is appealing, it feels good to move them around.“

Exactly where they are required

The high-end quality, the mobility and the multifunctionality have convinced David Meyer to order additional Moving Walls for the Experience Centre. 15 Moving Walls in total are specified on the open floor, on which only one lockable room can be found. The employees of PwC therefore also use the Moving Walls often as room dividers when working in smaller groups. The universal applicability is a further advantage over regular whiteboards. „The Moving Walls are distributed all across the floor and they are always exactly where they are required most.“ The new working methods in the Experience Centre meet with great approval and the success has proven the team right: the workshops are always fully booked out and the team is convinced that in this form of working lies the future.

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