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Moving Walls office tools, alone or as a system, change the way people work together: mobile, agile
and flexible. That’s why Moving Walls creates products for the workspaces and offices of
the future and distributes them worldwide.


We advise you on how to make your office more collaborative and mobile.


Through years of experience and precision Moving Walls is a partner you can rely on.


Moving Walls delivers the products on time and, if desired, also helps with assembly.


Moving Walls customers benefit from the company’s expertise – online, at events and in person.


How long are the delivery times?

These vary depending on the place of order. Basically we ship all Moving Walls products from Switzerland. With our international network we ensure a smooth and expeditious process.

There is no distributor available for my region yet. Can I still order?

Absolutely. We sell our Moving Walls products worldwide. Simply contact the Moving Walls team directly and we will be happy to help.

Do you need a construction team?

Depending on the number of walls and the area of application, we recommend a professional introduction of the products into everyday working life or at the desired location. However, a construction team is not necessary, as these are mobile office tools.

How do you ship your products?

Our Moving Walls products are shipped safely in wooden boxes which can be easily transported to the desired location with trolleys.

Can I put the system into operation myself?

We recommend a professional service so that our office tools enable the best possible collaboration.