Rent the office tools for events, conferences or fairs

The mobile office tools by Moving Walls can be rented all over the world. Whether for events, conferences or fairs, the writeable products enable collaboration, open communication and allow you to create your space flexibly for various requirements.
In order to provide you with a care-free solution, all products are rented with the required utensils. Moving Walls ships worldwide at the agreed time to the required place.

Rental offers

Moving Walls offers two different rental services with a high-level of service and easy booking.

Moving #1





Accessories (writing material, cleaning products)

Moving #2



Set up


Break down


Accessories (writing material, cleaning products)

Our customers


Our network of partners and our warehouses scattered all over the world guarantee a smooth and quick processing of your rental request.

Southern Europe

Lara Zentena, / +39 051 619 25 11


Claire Jancey, / +44 20 7870 1660

North America

Shelle Hamer, / +1 305 898 1278


Andor Gregorics, / +47 22 55 80 80

Danmark & Sweden

Didde Steinemann, / +45 70 22 00 31

Asia & Australia, New Zealand

Aleks James, / +61 415 050 474


The Total Office, / +61 415 050 474

If you have questions or need further information, we are happy to help.

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Is there a minimum rental period or minimum number of Moving Walls?

Neither the period nor the number of Moving Walls is limited during the rental. Depending on location and event, we offer advice and determine the precise needs with you personally.

What is included within the delivery?

With every Moving Wall, we supply you with the cup holder Moving Cup, pens (Pilot) and cleaning products. We will gladly provide you with detailed information on the total amount of pens for better planning.

How do I set up the Moving Wall?

Our mobile walls are easy to set up. Clear and simple instructions are included with every delivery. Upon request, our carriers offer you the set up service.

What are the dimensions of the Moving Wall?

The dimensions of the Moving Wall are: 198 cm height x 115 cm length x 52 cm width. As it is equipped with castors, an easy mobility is guaranteed.

How do I return the Moving Wall?

We will take care of that. Upon request and part of our service is the set up and break down.

What is the estimated delivery time?

This depends on location and availability. Please  send us a non-obligation request via e-Mail, we shall be pleased to answer your specific questions.

Is it possible to rent the Moving Walls System as a package?

It will be possible to rent the Moving Walls System in the foreseeable future. Please contact us and express your interest. We will inform you as soon as it possible.

Are the Moving Walls products insured during the period of the rental period?

The Moving Walls are insured during the tranport to and from the location as well as in case of causing  damage on third parties. For damages on the Moving Walls caused by the renter, the renter is liable for the costs.