Test without commitment

Moving Walls offers the opportunity to test our mobile office tools before purchase without commitment. For a period of 30 days you can test two Moving Walls, two Acoustic Panels and two Moving Panels including utensils, for your individual need. The offer is exclusively  aimed at companies in Switzerland. The product will be delivered 14 days after order to the desired address.

Test services

Moving Walls Test Box

From 14 days after receiving your order, Moving Walls delivers the Moving Walls to kerbsite in front of the building.

✓ 2 Moving Walls

✓ 1 Moving Acoustic Panel A

✓ 1 Moving Acoustic Panel B

✓ 1 Moving Panel S

✓ 1 Moving Panel M

✓ 1 Set Moving Cups

✓ 5 Pilot Markers

✓ Cleaning products


How much does the shipping cost? How much does the testing service cost?

The testing service is for free. We will however charge you for the delivery. Here, the costs will depend on the delivery address.

How long will my order take to arrive?

Generally, the delivery time takes between 14 and 30 working days. You can make a request with your delivery address and we will supply you with detailed information.

Can I also buy the Moving Walls?

Yes, of course you can buy the Moving Walls. Please find further information here. Within the testing service, Moving Walls supplies you with test Moving Walls. If you want to buy our Office Tools you will receive new products, fresh from production.

Can I extend the duration of the testing service?

Yes, it is possible to extend the duration of the testing service. Please contact us within the period of your testing service.

Are the Moving Walls insured during the period of the testing service?

The Moving Walls are not insured during the testing service. Our Office Tools are insured in the scope of our normal business liability insurance.

How much space is required for one Moving Wall?

When set up, the Moving Wall only takes up little space – 0.80m². Due to its mobility, you can push the Moving Wall aside anytime. Folded up, the Moving Wall takes up about 2.5m².

How do we clean the Moving Wall?

Please maintain maintain the Moving Walls according to the specifications supplied to you(attached sheet). As this is a high-quality product, we recommend regular cleaning with our optimised cleaning products. If you do not have our cleaning products at hand, we suggest to use clean water and a micro fibre cloth. The cleaning products are included in the testing service.

If you have questions or need further information, we are happy to help.

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