Swiss Post Specifies Moving Walls in Headquarter in Bern

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The company’s innovation lab, EspaceLab, has just been equipped with the mobile, writeable walls by Moving Walls. Since April 2017, the multifunctional tools support the project teams in idea and solution processes and fuel an interdisciplinary collaborative work environment.

„Moving Walls are perfect for agile working“

It was a deliberate decision by Lorenz Wyss, head of Ideation, to specify Moving Walls for the idea lab. The co-founder of EspaceLab employs the multi-functional tools to meet the requirements of future working methods.

For the development of ideas, agility and space is essential, says Lorenz Wyss. „’Nothing is fixed’ is our motto here. Moving Walls are perfect for this agile working approach“. In order to develop new and creative solutions and to avoid worn-out approaches, the employees need to be given space and opportunities to let thoughts run free yet these need to be able to be captured at any given moment. This concept has received a broad acceptance by employees. Given their mobility, the writeable Moving Walls are an ideal solution, as they can be used as a stand-alone module for individual working however can also be combined to form an endless writeable wall. „A unique feature of the Moving Wall is definitely the fact that it can be connected to form a curved line. Thus, an open, interactive arena can be constructed, in which  projects can be presented, discussed and refined in a group“, summarises Lorenz Wyss the winning feature.

Support of communication and exchange

During the development of the EspaceLab, Moving Walls was identified as the answer to how communication and exchange between employees can be encouraged and supported.

Since April 2017, employees at the EspaceLab are working with the Moving Walls, developing ideas and finding solutions to problems. The mobile walls also serve as room dividers, creating possibilities for withdrawal.

„Give the people walls and they will let their ideas run free“, laughs Lorenz Wyss.

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