The Moving Walls products are modular and systematically interconnected. As a system they
promote creative collaboration in different work situations.


Our products can be individually and sensibly combined and complement each other to form a flexible and agile system.


The system is a sensible combination of the individual Moving Walls products, easy to use and expandable at any time.


Our products adapt to the room – so one system enables different work situations depending on the user’s needs.


By using only high-quality raw materials, the products guarantee a very long service life.


The versatile products fuel new processes of brainstorming and an interactive, collaborative working atmosphere.


Dynamic interior design and agile and activity-related work are made possible by our tools.


The system enables companies to work agilely and activity-based. Due to the multifunctionality and the simple handling of the products, companies can flexibly adapt their working environment to their needs. The individual products are modular and systematically connected to each other, but can also be used independently of each other. With the Moving Walls System, no further infrastructural adjustments are necessary to ensure that work can be carried out in a modern and forward-looking manner.


Moving Wall
Moving Acoustic Panel
Moving Rail
Moving Table
Moving Stool
Moving Cup